Welcome to the Aussie Mum’s Heart to Heart Blog Party

This is a blog hop – or blog party – for like hearted mums – mums who have a heart for their family, and who blog – so that we can share with each other and be a support.  We are all busy mums and blogging has to come second to what is going on in our home, so this blog party is happening once a month – with a designated theme each month.

A blog hop is simply a gathering where we share what’s happening on our blogs, we read each other’s posts, and leave comments – helping us all get to know each other a little more – regardless of the distance between us across Australia.

If you don’t blog – we’d love to get to know you and we can do that by leaving us a comment and saying hello.


Find the latest blog hop here


We want this to be easy and fun so we are keeping rules to a minimum:

  • If you are an Australian mum, and you blog please join in.
  • You can link up to 2 blog posts from your own blog  (link blog posts, not your blog home page).
  • Blog hop starts on the first Monday of each month and stays open till the last day of the month.
  • The fun comes when we visit each other and leave comments.
  • Each month I’ll pin my favourite and the most visited link on the blog hop  Pinterest Board

Coming up themes are:

  • November: Ending the Year Well
  • December: Celebrate
  • January: Family Time


Share this button on your blog and share the invite for other Aussie mums to join us.

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