Pinterest is amazing – It is like having an endless supply of ideas and inspiration right there at your fingertips.  For anything: for parenting, homeschooling, homemaking, gift giving, and marriage advice – you name it, it is there in Pinterest.  But not only that, these ideas are the most creative and wow-ideas you could even think of.  You can find instructions on how to create the most awesome family memories, how to make the most engaging lesson plans, and the most peaceful looking home.  It is all there – images and instructions.  The only thing that Pinterest can’t give you is time.


What to do when you fail at being a Pinterest Mum?

This Easter I had the little girls here.  And I reflected on the activities that I used to do with my own kids at that time – and I just couldn’t get myself there this year.  I checked out Pinterest, and even my own blog, for creative ideas to teach the story of Jesus, the cross and the resurrection (which are hugely important to me), I was tempted with a few different creative ideas, but just didn’t get there.

And I’m okay with that!

I have learnt that I can’t do everything.  And though sometimes I try I usually come back to that truth.  I can’t do everything.


Top Tips for when I can’t do Everything

  1. Know what is important. Not just good idea important – but bottom line, barest minimum important.
  2. Focus on that, let other things go. It is the ‘letting other things go’ that is tricky.  But if we are convinced this thing is the most important why would we want to be distracted with other things.  Let it go.
  3. Make time for that to happen. Unless we proactively make time for the important other things will steal our opportunities.

We can have all the best ideas in the world but unless we make time for it – it won’t matter.  Pinterest can’t give us time – It is up to me, to each one of us, to clear our schedule, clear our mind, and set our determination to spend time doing what is important.

When I don’t have time for Pinterest Ideas:

The thing I keep coming back to, when I don’t have time for Pinterest ideas, is relationship.  I can achieve a lot of my goals with relationship.  So when I don’t have time for all those great ideas I save or repin over at Pinterest – I calm my heart and look for ways that relationship will help me do that important thing.

How can relationship teach these little girls about Easter?  I pulled Little Miss onto my lap and we talked and read a book about Jesus.  When she wanted to tell me about Jesus and the cross, I stopped and I listened.  It was a long and slightly interesting story – but her understanding is getting there.

How can my heart set on relationship help me be a hostess? Maybe not the hostess with the most-ess of fancy food, amazing table settings, and ambiance – but the hostess with the most-ess love and availability that comes through relationship.

How can staying focused on relationship help me in my homeschool – it reminds me of the passage in 1 Cor 13 – unless we have love our actions are just a noisy clanging!  (My version!)  Same goes with instruction – when there is no love, no harmony, no peace – we can have the best lesson plans, the best curriculum, the best of Pinterest ideas and our kids will struggle to learn.

There are days when we have the emotional, physical, financial space for Pinterest – and then there are days, or even seasons, when we don’t.  And that is okay.  Our life isn’t meant to be shaped by Pinterest.  Our life is to be shaped by the relationships with those who we love: my our relationship with Jesus, and my relationship with our family.

Don’t be distracted by Pinterest, don’t be judged by Pinterest.

Keep your eyes on what is important.

Over to you:  How do you balance the inspiration and creativity with reality?  Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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