Do you ever wonder what happened to your day? You know stuff happened, you know you were busy but did you make a mark on your child’s life? Did you get to the important stuff?

I have found it helpful at the end of each day to do a quick review. Just a quick glance at

  • relationship issues
  • character / behaviour issues
  • projects, lifeskills and school work

What did and what didn’t work, and why. When I reflect on my day, issues are still fresh in my mind. I am aware that I got distracted and didn’t work with my morning routine, I am aware that I let my son have too much computer time, I am aware that I didn’t get to reading my daughters assignment and I am very much aware of the consequences of my actions! Though I can’t redo my day, I can set my heart towards doing better tomorrow.

One way of being intentional with our days is to:

  • have a goal
  • have a plan of action
  • review regularly

Our goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. As we set goals we need to be very aware of the season of life we are currently in, as well as how many children we have in our home. If we take on too many goals we will surely fail as we simply cannot spread our focus too thin.

Goals without action are just words on paper. We need to be clear on

  • What needs to happen
  • When it is going to happen
  • How I’m going to make it happen

How I’m going to make it happen is a pivotal question for a parent to ask, especially if we are dealing with heart issues. We need to be prepared with questions to ask our children and with Bible verses and stories to share in the coming day should conflict arise. We even need to be aware of consequences that we can enforce should it be necessary. When we consider these things, outside of the times of conflict we are more likely to carry through and be consistent.

Reviewing each day gives us an opportunity to be real with our goals, to keep in touch with progress, and to tweak our action plan. So as I quickly glance over my tomorrow; my to-do list, our study routine, and my homemakers roster I also need to give a moment to considering my children’s hearts.

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