Let’s start today off with a chuckle.  My kids showed me this video clip a while back about the different types of homeschool mums.  They nailed me pretty well!  I wonder if you can see yourself here.

But sometimes we need to just stop being a homeschool mum!

Now, I’m not talking about sending your kids to school, but rather are you the mum that always points out the learning opportunities, that makes your kids sit up and look and learn wherever you go, that quizzes your kids as you walk down the street? We need to stop.

There are times that we need to be mum. Teaching is one aspect of being a mum, but there comes a time when we have to be broader than that. In fact there are many times where we need to put away the geography, the math, the history – and just be mum.

Be mum who is empathetic
Be mum who is fun
Be mum who is patient
Be mum who is relaxed
Be mum who is listening
Be mum who is interested in other stuff!

This is tricky, especially if you have taken on a lifestyle model of learning – your life is your platform for your kids to learn, so if you aren’t using those aspects of life, then you’ve got nothing. Or at least, that is what we feel. But chances are our kids don’t feel that way! Our kids want to be able to live life; they want to play.

And they need to play.
We all need to play (Mums also need to play)

There are two aspects to play:

  1. We learn through play – kids discover heaps and consolidate skills during play. So often our kids don’t know they are learning – until we remind them by our subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) redirections, or questions, or suggestions.
  2. We relax and relate to others during play

So this is my encouragement – take some time off from being a homeschool mum – stop looking for those moments to teach them math in the kitchen, just cook with them; stop pausing the video to point out the geography lessons, just enjoy the story; stop insisting that art supplies are used a certain way, instead create something unexpected yourself!

My encouragement is an issue of balance – we do need to be intentional in using every opportunity to teach and train our kids, but we also need to be intentional to be a relational mum – a mum who is interested in the whole person of our children, a mum who is fun and loving to be with, just because you are mum.

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