I’ve been thinking about the phrase: Live in the Moment.  Parents, get so distracted with all there is to do, that the call to live in the moment is a real one.  Mothers are often encouraged to put aside their to-do lists and live in the moment. And as I talk to my kids they bandy around YOLO – you only live once – with the idea to take hold of the now.  What does to live in the moment mean to you?

To live in the moment gives us the idea that only the right now matters.  It infers that we need to ignore the future, and the past isn’t important.   I think that is an idealistic position to take. The past does shape us though we cannot dwell there and we need to step into the future with confidence not ignorance.

For me, to live in the moment is more about making time to be with my loved ones because I am confident in my past and future. Not because I’ve never done anything wrong and not because I’ve got things all sorted –  but rather my confidence is in Jesus. He has forgiven, and He enables me to walk in this life with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (Galatians 5:22,23)

To live in the moment doesn’t mean that I ditch my responsibilities. It means that I take today, and all that it offers to walk in all that God has given me. This means that I will take the time to listen to my kids, to meet their needs.  It means I will make the time to help my husband.  It means I will make my house a home and be a friend to those I meet. These are the things that need to fill my today.

For me to live in the moment I need to guard myself; guard my heart, my time, my energies so that I am not always looking back with regret or sadness, and not always looking forward to something other than what is today. I can look forward to the weekend, I can look forward to a visit with my friend, I can look forward to time to scrapbook. And though planning these things is a matter of stewardship I cannot let my emotions, my heart, my mind dwell there and ignore the things of today.

To be with my family today I need to be careful of the choices I make. Here are five things that help me take hold of the now:

  1. Stop multitasking – When I am with a person, I need to be with a person; making eye contact, listening with my heart and ears.
  2. Be vulnerable – Let my family see the real me – the ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad, coping not coping. To live in the moment doesn’t mean one big party.
  3. Smile – Smiling is a decision regardless of the circumstances, not to cover up the bad, but a smile does change my attitude.
  4. Forgive – Carrying a grudge or keeping score is so exhausting!
  5. Do something to make others enjoy their day – It isn’t about me – It is about others.


Life can be so busy, so distracting, so consuming that we can forget to live now and yet if we don’t live today we will have no tomorrow.   There are two words that paint the picture of living in the moment for me: Joy and Together.

What are the things that stop you from being joyful in your day, with the people you love?

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