How do we find time to be with Jesus in the midst of all that a mum has to do? We have this preconceived idea that we should be spending 30 minutes, early in the morning, in Bible reading, journaling and prayer – and yet sometimes that just doesn’t happen!


The important thing isn’t to tick off any such activity from our to-do list – the idea is that each day we set aside some time and connect with Jesus – that we find time in our day for our spirit to be quiet and listen to the voice of our heavenly Father.


When I had little kids I found that if I thought about solutions to a tricky situation at a time when I wasn’t in that tricky situation I was better prepared to deal with it when I was in the midst of it.  Finding time to connect with Jesus on those crazy, busy days is one such mum-problem that benefits from us thinking about it previously.  Do you have a list of ways that you can connect with Jesus, that you can worship, that you can listen?


Here are ten ways that a busy mum can use her time to connect with Jesus and be refreshed – even in the midst of it:

1–Bathroom breaks – One day I realised that the reason my kids followed me to the bathroom was that I answered them!  So I started to say, “you’ll have to wait” – it was a training process but they learnt to wait.

2–Listen to Music: Fill your house with music that helps you focus on who God is and what he has done.

3–Include your Kids:  Have your kids sit quietly with you with their own Bibles (or storybook Bibles)

4–Keep your Bible open: When you walk by you can have a quick read – this is like having Bible verses in strategic places

5–Subscribe to email devotions:  When you go through your emails, take a moment to read your devotional – it’s like ‘an email’ from Jesus!

6–Listen while Driving: Use the time in your car – listen to Bible on CD,  download a sermon or podcast, listen to worshipful music

7–Arrow prayers: Jesus is with us in whatever we do so we can talk to him while we do everyday activities – while you walk from one room to the next, while you drive the car, wait at an intersection, wait in line

8–Use the times when your kids are busy or occupied – Rest times, nap times, outside play time, DVD time, Screen time are all good times when you can focus on Jesus – if we make it a priority.

9–Take turns with your spouse – Arrange a way with your spouse where you can give him some time and he can give you some uninterrupted time.

10–Make a coffee date with Jesus: Just you, the Bible and some time. (We make time for our friends – we need to make time for Jesus)


When Jesus was here on earth he would often slip away – slip away from the people around him, from the constant needs pressing in on him – in order to spend time listening to his Father’s voice.  We need to do the same.


My challenge to you this week is – be aware of the times in your day when you can refresh your spirit, when you can listen to the Father’s voice.  You may not be able to have 30 minutes Quiet Time by yourself – but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with Jesus.


How do you find time to connect with Jesus, even in the midst of a busy day? Please share your stories in the comments.


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