I’m taking a Blogging Break


At the beginning of the year I set myself some very specific goals – to bring order into my life.  Like I said at the time it wasn’t that my life was in complete disarray, but rather there are a few areas that I know need a bit of polish – a bit more order than exists at the moment.  I set this goal with my eyes firmly on the idea that God has a purpose for my life, and that these things need to happen for me to be free to walk in the next season of life.  It is always a danger to set goals from the idea that I’m not measuring up, and that I need to do these things in order for God to use me – and we strive to be good enough.  I’m not coming from that place – but I do know that I need to have balance in all my life to be effective.  Some areas are out of whack and need to be brought into order.


I have been fairly diligent too, in working on those things – little bit by little bit.  I think the two biggest things that have happened so far in this year have been:

1–I guard my mornings.  I had slipped into the habit of making appointments and plans in the mornings because my kids didn’t need me to the same degree they did when homeschooling was at its peak.  But being out of the house often in the mornings robs me of focus time to achieve my personal goals.  So I protect my mornings as much as I can.

2–My kitchen renovation is done.  We expanded the kitchen, which meant living in chaos for about a month – but it also meant that we decluttered and reduced a lot – threw a lot of things away that I hadn’t used for a long time.  So that is now one project for 2016 done and dusted!


The one big project that is hanging over my head – and the impetus for deciding to take a blogging break is decluttering the rest of my house.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before – but my life feels like I’ve rolled from one season of life to the next – to the next – to the next – all without taking a pause and sorting out my house from the old season and preparing it for the new.  But that is what I’m doing now.  I have so much stuff in my house especially from homeschool days that I could set up a small classroom!  But those days are gone – and most of it has to go too.


My family have been very supportive both in practical and physical help but also in understanding and graciousness as the family room has become a storeroom for all our surplus stuff – a holding room, a sorting room.  So my plan is for the next few weeks is to take a concentrated time and get that stuff sorted.  My plan for the end of this time is to have no boxes of stuff on my floor, and to have a little sitting area in my bedroom.  There!  I’ve stated my goal, in the hopes that all you my blog-friends will hold me accountable!


So when I decided to take a blogging break I was thinking that it is much like when we go on a holiday/break.  The reason we go on a holiday/break is so we can be refreshed by different environments and different activities.  I hope to be refreshed by getting a project that has been looming over my head done – and by removing myself from the blogging world, which includes social media, I’m putting myself in a different environment – and I certainly hope to create a different environment for my family while I’m at it!


But just like when we go on a holiday/break there is that crazy rush 4 hours before hand.  I don’t know why – it doesn’t matter how organised I am, those last few hours are hectic.  So I’m giving myself 24 hours to sort things out – schedule posts, ask for guest bloggers to share their stories, and write up a newsletter.  But just like I always leave things undone before I go on holidays there will be things left undone on my blog as well.  And that is where I have to trust God – I want my blog to be a blessing to others, I want others to see God’s word lived out practically in family life – but I have to first live that myself.


So I share all this so you know where I’m at.  If I get everything scheduled, you may not even miss me!  LOL.  But I also want you to know where I’m at, what’s going on, and how I’m handling it.  So until the end of April I’ll be offline – sorting books, papers, toys, art supplies, scrapbooking supplies, and who knows what else.


And I’ll just leave the thought here – cause I know I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed when I get behind in projects – is there something that is distracting you, or out of whack in your life that is hindering you from reaching your goals that you need to lay aside – just for a while – to give you the time you need to catch up?


See you in May!

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