When people start homeschooling they start looking for curriculum, writing up routines, and gathering other various school supplies.  But these things are not the must haves for homeschooling – what you really need is very different.


But before we go there this list also applies to the mum who has been homeschooling for a while because as we go along and we gather homeschool curriculum, we tweak our routines and we keep adding good stuff to our day – it is easy to forget these three basics.


  1. A desire to be with your children. The benefits of homeschooling is that you have time to build a relationship with your kids, you have time to see their passions and build on them.  You have time to do the things on your heart.  If at any time you stop wanting to be with your children your focus has been blurred, you’ve become distracted and you need to take the time to realign and get back the joy of being a family.
  2. A willingness to learn. One of my goals for my children is that they become life-long learners: that they want to learn, that they are curious and that they are able to find answers to their questions.  For that to happen in my kids I need to be willing to learn myself.  I am their example.
  3. An attitude of grace. One of the definitions of grace – is to be a help.  As a mum, I have certainly relied on God’s grace, God’s help, many times.  But I also need to have an attitude of grace, an attitude to help my children, whatever comes our way.  Often people think that they can’t homeschool because they don’t have patience – but this is not the character trait to focus on.  Being available and being gracious (helpful) will shape our family far more (and it will motivate us to grow in patience!)


Every person can get these three must-haves.  They are internal attitudes that will have a lasting impact on your homeschool – far more than a curriculum, art supplies or a co-op will have on your children.


There is one more thing I’d like to add – and that is that we have a trust in God that he will not only walk with us day by day, that he will be our wisdom, our strength, our refuge – but he will also be with us at the end.  It is easy to worry about how our kids are going turn out, how they are going to go on with their adult life.  I have had a great example from my parents in this regard.


They sent me to a Christian school that did not go through the processes of testing so we didn’t have a school leaving certificate, score or recognition.  Their prayer was that their kids would have the faith to walk in the consequences of their faith.  This has been my prayer too.


Peter and I have the faith that God will be with our kids regardless of their education, regardless of their gaps, regardless of the weaknesses – God will help our kids in their life.  But by the time the kids have to make adult decisions, be it further education or finding work, they have to have the faith that God will be there for them.  Their life will be impacted by our decisions, by our faith – but come their adult years it will have to be their faith that gets them through.


And this adds one other thing to the must-haves list – a prayer life!


3 must haves for homeschooling.

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