Whether you have made the decision, or whether you are still thinking about it, here is a collection of articles that will help transition into homeschooling.


We started homeschooling in 1998 – Josh was 4, Jess 3 and Naomi 1year old.  When we were first starting our family we thought / dreamed of homeschooling but then as I settled into motherhood I wasn’t convinced that the methods I knew of homeschooling (schooling at home) would fit my parenting style so I lay aside all thoughts of homeschooling.  Until 1997, when Naomi was a baby and needed regular medical treatments in Perth where I met up with an old friend who happened to be homeschooling.  She showed me a different side – a collection of resources that encouraged the parent in their involvement in the child’s life, in discipleship and encouraging the kids in their walk with God.  I knew we had to think again – this time with different curriculum resources than I had considered before. We were also challenged at this time about building relationships with our kids, about being an influence in their life and felt that homeschooling would give us time with our kids.  So we started to homeschool.


And now, many years later it has become a natural part of our family.  I have loved our homeschool years – and though I may think at times that I would do certain things differently, I would never reconsider our decision to homeschool. (Read more about my family)

Once you start homeschooling your life will look completely different than it did before. [Read here]

We can have all sorts of preconceived ideas of what is needed to start homeschooling – but we must have these three things. [Read here]

A discipleship approach to homeschool creates a whole-life focus where we teach, train, guide and help our kids to grow in every aspect of their life.

We call our approach to homeschooling Discipleship: meaning we focus on teaching, training, guiding and helping our kids in their whole life – not just academics.  [Read More]

Relationships are the number one focus in all our efforts as we homeschool our children. The family is our first relational sphere as a child – it is the practice ground for all of our relationships. [Read More]

We can fill our day with these relationship based activities and know that learning is happening because of our family life.

These activities are often a part of regular family life, but they also provide many learning opportunities for our children. [Read More]

A key for me has been to be a ‘mum who teaches’ rather than a ‘teacher who is also mum’. [Read More]

I recommend these following resources to you as you discover your own philosophy of education, and how that is going to look in terms of curriculum and resource choices. [Read More]

I hope you have found this collection of homeschooling articles helpful as you start your new and exciting journey of homeschooling.  If you want to read more please use the search bar or category on the right.

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