After looking at my blog stats for 2014 I thought I’d share the top 5 blog posts (according to popularity) and next week I’ll share the top 5 that were my personal favorites.  I hope you’ll take the time over the coming week to read again, and be encouraged.


Top 5 Popular blog posts of 2014

removing technology is only half the solutionRemoving Technology is only Half the Solution:  When our kids are spending too much time with technology, we need to look for skills and interests to fill their time, not just remove the technology itself.

no-one does it al - you have to make a choiceNo-one does it all; you have to make a choice:  I can’t do it all and I have to choose what is important to me and do that well.

the purpose of highschoolThe Purpose of Highschool Years:Before we set curriculum and resources we need to know what the purpose of these years is truly for, and then we can set our direction.

inappropriate verbal behaviourID-10055361Inappropriate Verbal Behaviour:  Making a distinction between self control and heart issues when it comes to the whining, yelling, and other noises our kids make.



End of Year Recognition for our Kids:  We need to see the growth and maturity our kids have achieved – in every area of their life.


Next week I’ll share my top 5 personal favourites.



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