homeschool weekly reviewIt’s been 3 week’s since I’ve shared any of our happenings.

Since our last lot of visitors for the year left the kids have tried to regain some focus with their studies.  At the moment – for one more week – they are studying for 2 hours a day, and then working on a ‘productive’ project for the rest of their usual study time.  This includes making Christmas gifts, helping me around the house, working for pay, or any of their regular creative projects.

This is really Naomi’s last week of homeschooling officially.  She has completed 12 years of formal education – though it has been anything but formal!  Her health this year has  knocked her focus around so she will continue with a few subjects in her own time next year as she pursues other things.  Jessica has done this over the last few years as well. Over the last few weeks Naomi has continued with her writing, math and art.   She has also been my ‘go-to’ in the kitchen and has filled in for me several times to cook dinner.  Her ankle is nearly on the mend so she has been able to go running again – something she has missed over the last 5 months as she’s recovered from 2 different injuries.

Daniel completed his geography course, though most of his subjects will continue on next year:  Math, Writing, Bible study, Science, Reading.  Daniel goes into year 10 next year and I am looking at shaking things up a bit – but still in thinking stages at this point.  Daniel spends a lot of his free time writing a story at the moment.  I can see his spelling, vocab and grammar all improving as he writes.  He has also reading a lot more at the moment – though I’m still trying to broaden his genres.  Daniel (and Josh) passed their Taekwondo grading and now have a month or so off from training, though Daniel has added exercise to his morning routine in order to maintain his fitness.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of our stories:

Something I’ve been thinking about:  Family time over dinner with a grown (almost) family

We have had a very busy and emotionally draining year.  Added to that our children are growing up and as they take on different roles and responsibilities as adults family dynamics change.  This week Peter and I have talked about our daily family time (aka, Dinner time).  It’s been a while since we’ve consistently sat down for a meal together – our default seems to have been reset to sitting in front of a DVD and enjoying a story together, especially when the whole family isn’t at home for dinner.  I don’t have a problem with that being family time but I miss conversations.   So we are starting out a new habit – one that we hope will become our lifestyle.  Come 6.00pm, if you are in the house, everyone will come together in the kitchen/dining/lounge.  Hopefully dinner will be ready, but if it isn’t, or if we are waiting for someone to come home, we will still gather together and start our family time.  We will either help with the last little bits in the kitchen, or we will sit and have a drink together, or play a quick game.   There will be exceptions of course – we don’t want to make this a rule to live under, but rather an idea that we hope each member of our family will embrace.


Resources we’ve used:

wonderful world of geography Wonderful World of Geography – Daniel has just completed his studies with this resource.  We didn’t use the teachers manual or the students activities manual as Daniel simply read the text.  He was looking for a quick way to become familiar with the world – and I am really happy with this choice.  Interspersed between readings were activities, though Daniel didn’t actually do them.  He read them, thought about what the purpose of the activity was and made sure he understood.  Like I say, this was a quick way to get through the information.





What I’ve been reading (online or as a book):

  • Single Parents homeschooling:  This is obviously something I can’t speak into, but I followed this link and found this article something worth bookmarking, for when this subject comes up.  You too may have someone who wants this type of information.
  • Outline for dealing with Tantrums: Little Missy has been throwing tantrums so I’ve been thinking about this.  One key that I have found both with Little Missy and my own kids, is that there is often a trigger, something that they do, that tells you a tantrum is on it’s way.  With Jessica it was hyperventilating/huffing-puffing, with Little Missy it is acting coy/shy and mumbling.  When we know this signal, we can help them gain self control before the tantrum gets full-blown.
  • Minecraft for Mums:  Do you understand Minecraft?  I don’t.  I found this article helpful – still not sure I get it but I understand a little better!
  • Talking to Christian Bale about making “Exodus”:  The key point I talked to the kids about after reading this article was that when the story of the exodus was recorded in the Bible the author (and God) had a purpose, and they shaped the telling of that story accordingly.  As Christians take the Bible stories as facts, we tend to take the information we know from the Bible as complete information about that character – we see these characters in one dimension – but each person in the Bible had a full and complete life, with emotions, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, jobs, homes.  Not saying that the directors of ‘Exodus’ or any other movie Hollywood is making based on Biblical text is correct – but if they are telling the story coming from a different purpose, telling about a different aspect of these character’s lives, then it is going to look different than the  Bible’s account.  This isn’t an endorsement of the movie – I have yet to see it – but it is worth considering when talking about stories/movies.



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