Last Saturday we went to a debrief of sorts as our friends, who had spent a year in Uganda, shared their experiences with the Christian community of our town.   It was a great night of fellowship as we shared a meal and listened to them talk through various slide presentations.    And for a little lighthearted fun we watched the Jam Dance – and then those brave enough gave it a shot.  Each of us came away thinking about how we give to other people.  The catch phrase that we continue to think about is: Be vulnerable.  And the question we are asking ourselves: Am I prepared to be vulnerable even here in my town.

We were on the roster (with another family) for morning tea at church – the girls help whenever they can to get the baking done, if the three of us cook one recipe, double it, then we have plenty for church and a little left over for us and our freezer.

Sunday was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.  When the kids were younger we celebrated by talking about our wedding and our marriage.  We would often look at the photos or the video.  None of that happened this year.

Monday was a public holiday – and though when our kids were young we worked on anyway (kids didn’t know about public holidays) but now they are older, their friends are all excited about a day off school we tend to change our plans too.  But plans changed much bigger than expected when friends asked Peter and I to join them on the river.  Peter wasn’t able to change his plans, but I jumped at the chance, sorted things here at home and then I was off!  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride up the river – just taking in the views.  We pulled up under some shady trees for lunch, and made our way back home.  Peter and the kids joined us and they went biscuiting while my friend and I had a cuppa on the banks.

We went from there to the Homeschool Concert.  Every February we kick start our co-op activities with a family concert – this year our planning was running late so we held it Monday night.  It was the most entertaining concerts we remember – the kids put in great effort – as did the parents!  There was humour, drama and a little music!  For the first year ever, I told my kids they didn’t have to perform.  Nomi hardly needs the practice, and Daniel is working on other things.  But Peter, Naomi and I helped Jess and her girls (that she tutors) with their little skit of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Tuesday would have been a good day to get into our studies – we’ve had a bit of  break lately with an extra long weekend – but the girls had haircut appointments – which I usually make for the afternoon but could only get in this week in the mornings.  So while we were in town we did a little shopping and running around chores.  It was lunch time by the time we got back – so much for study!  Daniel worked through his study programme while we were gone, and Nomi had Girls Bible study and Choir on in the evening.

Wednesday – yay!  we completed a study day!  Plus Naomi started soccer, and Daniel went to Taekwondo.  A good day.

Thursday – another good day.  Girls had Mainly Music and went for their swim.  Daniel did his gardening work, and then Media Studies, I also spent some time on his money-book-keeping with him, before he went into young men’s (teens) Bible study.

Friday – another day at home!  We studied Tolerance – and brainstormed different character traits that would help us be tolerant.  Our living math geometry lesson ended up talking about short/long days and the rotation of the earth.  The rest of the morning was spent with the kids studying independently and me working on a project.

Saturday was a busy day as Peter organises a men’s breakfast, I went to quilting for the morning, the boys had Taekwondo sparring, the girls stayed home being creative.  Peter and I went out in the evening to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.  This couple are long term residents, they have most of their adult children raising their family in town too –  so it was special to be a part of their celebration and honour of marriage.

Weekend Links:

Teaching my kids dictionary skills:  Often when I’m browsing Pinterest I come across a skill or concept that I wonder if my kids get.  This week it was dictionary skills – the non-digital type.  These lessons are for younger kids, but it gave me a jump start to making sure I have this skill covered.

One of my hobby horses – kids need to touch type – and they can do it from a young age, without a lot of fuss and bother.  Why Johnny can’t Type

I always get distracted – so many to choose from – when deciding which Bible Verses to memorise.  Here’s a list: 50 Most Important Bible verses to remember

I’m looking forward to hearing Sally Clarakson talk about learning, and the atmosphere in our home:  Home Centered Learning (Tuesday morning for us here in Australia).

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