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I recently took  a scrapbooking class, Scrapbooking Your Faith with Big Picture Classes.  The first assignment I had to do was create a page that reflected my “life verse”.  I’d never thought about that before – I know I’ve had verses from the Bible that have helped me through different times of my life but I wonder if there was one that anchored my life.  I appreciated the encouragement that if you didn’t have a life verse, in this sense, then just start with where you are at today.

I chose:  Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, mind and soul; love your neighbour as yourself.  Luke 10:27

This verse has become the foundation of every aspect of my life.  It is central to how I react (or respond) to people, central to my marriage and how I train my children. (In saying it is central – I’m not saying it is exhibited all the time, but it is central to my desire for my life – it is the truth that I hold onto, the principle I want to live by.)

Jesus was asked ‘who is my neighbour’ and it is good to remind ourselves of his answer – the people you meet along the way; your husband, children, neighbours, colleagues, and strangers.

We have heard many a sermon on who our neighbour is but do we understand what it means to love with our whole heart?  Culturally we have associated heart with romance love, feelings, emotions and yet heart in the Bible means so much more. It means the inner man, your conscience, mind, will, character, passions and emotions.  It is everything that makes up the “you”.

Do I love God with my will?  Do the thing I do reflect my love of God?

Do I love God with my character?  Passions?  Emotions?

Or are these aspects of my life dictated to by my selfishness, by the things that I want.

It is challenging to reflect on a passage that I am so familiar with.

What about you – do you have a life verse?  One that keeps you firmly planted in the truths God has shown you?

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