This year has brought along a few changes to our homeschooling

  1. Jess has moved on and is no longer homeschooling
  2. I have moved Nomi and Daniel back to studying together

This means that I have a new learning curve to circumnavigate!  It is a time to look at what we are doing, tweak a few things, and find the best way to go forward with where Naomi and Daniel are at today.

This week we start a new Bible Study on Romans, using Quest: Faith at Work.   We will tweak this though to incorporate reading the Bible together, answering workbook style questions independently, and then discussing things together.    We are also going to start Bible Memorisation using the CD’s from Parents Arise.  The music may be a little simple for the ages of my children but I believe it will be quick and easy for them to learn scripture this way.   Our first verse will be James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”

At the moment we are doing a unit study on Italy.  Naomi and Daniel are doing this together, with me.  My objectives are

  • to gain a general understanding of the Ancient Rome civilization era
  • to re-establish the habit of reading, responding, researching, recording
    • Reading: to use read alouds, and independent reading
    • Responding: to discuss topics as we read, especially in the area of godly principles and wisdom while we study men who did not follow God’s ways
    • Researching: for each of them to be reading non fiction books on topic and to ask questions, find answers and tell others what they have learnt
    • Recording: to complete 3 notebook pages a week on topic

Once a week we look at a living math lesson, creation science issue and a critical thinking lesson.

  • Living Math – The Number Rumble.  So close to finishing this – it is a read aloud that often breaks off into hands on math discoveries.  Sometimes we notebook our learning, sometimes we don’t.  I don’t plan this – it just happens as the kids discover together.
  • Creation Science – I will read something from either the Creation magazine or their weekly newsletter and discuss the topic I’ve chosen.
  • Critical Thinking – still not decided which way we’ll go with this but probably use The Thinking Toolbox by Bluedorns

This week we’ll also start our next character trait study with looking at an introduction DVD for Wisdom.  Next week we’ll have four lessons on this trait.


Naomi and Daniel both have a list of work that they need to work on independently:

  • Math – using Math U See
  • Writing – Daniel is using an IEW workbook- All Things Fun and Fascinating, and Naomi will start this week using The Private Eye.  (They both write in their free time so writing is taking a back seat at the moment – though they also have writing practice with notebooking in our Bible study and unit study time.)
  • Reading time after lunch – I need to confirm their reading lists for this time
  • Naomi practices piano daily


The afternoons are spent with productive free time.  The objectives for our afternoons are

  • You need to decide to do something (no wafting)
  • It needs to be productive or purposeful (and I prefer a variety of activity to some degree – this is especially important when they get hooked in a good book or series of books – I’d prefer them not to read every afternoon, all afternoon.)


This week our afternoons will include:

  • Monday – Nomi is hoping to help a friend paint a bedroom.  Jess and I will help a friend with a few tasks in town.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday Nomi and Daniel have drama group
  • Thursday is set aside for blogging and creative projects
  • Friday – the girls are hoping to have friends over.

Daniel finds it hard to be productive in the afternoons.  We are working on making a list of activities that he can chose from.


Extras that happen in our week:

  • We are trying to be consistent with exercising every morning.
  • Nomi (and Jess) will go to Mainly Music on Thursday morning and help out there
  • Nomi has props for the drama group she needs to finish (Art)
  • The kids will maintain their daily chores that teaches them responsibility and life skills
  • Saturday is Naomi and Daniel’s big performance at the Variety Show presented by the drama group


So that is the plan for my week.  Of course lots will happen that will shift and tweak this plan, but to start off with an idea of where we are going is a good habit to get into.  Being flexible and keeping my eye on the main goal: to build relationship with God and each other, to live together in peace and harmony as we serve God and others – needs to be the overriding goal for every week and never far from my mind!

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