At the beginning of the year we often start filling our calendar with great stuff – we are full of vigor and fresh vision and we want to get in there and do it all.  Now is a good time to check our routine and our calendars.  Are we being realistic?  Are we being true to the important things?

What are the important things?

  • Do we have time to be in God’s presence, and to read His Word?
  • Do we have time to enjoy each other?
  • Do we have time to care for other people?
  • Do we have time to grow in the talents that God has given us

As a parent do you have time to train your children?  Do you have time to build relationship with them.  This means we need to be free to talk to them, get involved in their world and invite them into our world.    Do your children have time to be with your or have you signed them up for too many activities?  Do they have time to be with their siblings or are they too tired from all their activities?

As a homemaker do you have time to cook nutritious and enjoyable meals for your family?  Do you have time to make your house into a home?  Do you have time to teach your children to look after their home and possessions?

As a spouse do you have time for your husband or wife?  Do you have good quality time and energy  for them, or do you only have the left overs (which is really only enough energy to watch a rerun on TV!)

Before the year gets too established have a good look at your routine and see if you have made time for the important things or have you filled in every moment with good ideas?

So often we get caught up doing the urgent that the important slide. Love to hear your thoughts on this idea.


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