Managing my time is a constant struggle.  I would far rather do the things I enjoy than the things I have to do!!  These are the little habits I am working on at the moment:

  1. Don’t schedule multi-tasking.  I will do more than one thing at a time, but it needs to be those things that come automatically, like answering the phone, doing the laundry, sweeping the floor.   If I have a task worth scheduling it is worth keeping focus on.
  2. Look at emails only when I have time to process them.  Change my language from checking my emails to processing  my emails
  3.  Factor in transition time.  It takes time to move from one activity to the next, whether it is in the home (like packing up one activity) or whether it is in town (driving from one appointment to the next)
  4. If I make a commitment to do something (organise a group gift, or arrange a holiday, or write a report) block out time in my diary to do it right then and there.  Otherwise it remains a to-do rather than an actual commitment with my time.  This helps me check that I actually have time to do something before I say yes.
  5. Get off the computer when I should be doing something else
  6. Go to bed at the right time
  7. Have my quiet time of reading and praying – of course this is more than a time management tip – this is a life tip – but my day goes better if I take this time.  Not only because of the spiritual blessings but because I got off the computer and started my day!!
  8. Exercise – yes, getting my exercise is a time management thing – if I do it I am far more energetic with the rest of my day
  9. I want to read blogs – make time for it to happen – otherwise it becomes a distraction that I squeeze in here and there.  What I’m really saying is give myself down time to read blogs, daydream, scrapbook, sew, watch a DVD.  Be honest – you need downtime.
  10. Do my most productive things first up.  Once I get to my office desk what is the most important task for the day?  Do that first.
  I’m linking in with Ohamanda’s Top Ten.  Pop on over for all sorts of interesting reads.

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