It has been a long time since I’ve read any of the many blogs I subscribe to.  I am trying to get back into the swing of doing that every couple of days.  I enjoy, and am often challenged, by reading other people’s journeys and ideas.  Here are the posts that I earmarked as significant in my reading this last week.

Three Areas of Mental Clutter that Sabotage Homeschooling by Jimmie’s Collage – do you habour mental clutter which is quietly sabotaging your homeschool efforts?

Put the Phone down and be a Mother  – by Growing Home – one of a series where a group of friends are drawing our attention to how distracting the phone (or computer) can be.

4 Minimum Requirements for Vibrant Living posted on Simplemom – a good read especially at this time of year when we are setting goals – find some real and true  purpose behind those goals like diet, exercise and health.

10 Ways to Encourage your Children by The Homeschool Classroom – the title speaks for itself – we need to be constantly aware of ways to encourage our children.

Humble Hospitality – by Raising Homemakers – One of our goals this year has to do with hospitality so this was a gentle reminder to keep our hearts in the right place.


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