FAQ from Character First – I am often talking about Character First – have you ever asked any of these questions?

I’m excited to see Marilyn Howshall up with a new website and blogging again.  Marilyn’s books were very instrumental in my shift from schooling to discipleship.

Teaching our children to be grateful as a first response would help eliminate a lot of the issues we have around the home.  Read Doorposts blog outline training time for Gratefulness.

Abortion – the lie that keeps hurting.

An Easy way to make Homeschool Decisions by Robyn Sampson from Heart of Wisdom.

Some things are harder to measure than other things – we need to be careful how we assess our children – are we measuring the things God measures (and this isn’t just for children with challenges)

Why do Christians sing? – I have often thought this a good question – and these are good answers! (I’ve printed this out to share with my family over dinner)

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