Another week finished – and as I reflect back I wish I could remember all the discussions I had with my children.  These activities only represent ½ of the learning that goes on in this house.  We had great conversation after our thinking movie on Sunday and then we found ourselves coming back to the same topic throughout the week – things just seemed to connect.  We had great conversation over our family devotion time – though we are following a simple childish devotion it is giving us opportunity to talk about things.  We had great conversation over dinner – sometimes it started a bit crazy but more often than not ended up as a significant conversation.  I just wish I could remember what they were all about!


Last Weekend:

Saturday is our housecleaning day – we spruce up the place finishing any weekly chores that didn’t get done during the week.  The rest of the day was just low key doing whatever. I spent some time in the kitchen baking and preparing some raw food.  It was nice to potter.  The kids spent their time between creative projects, computer time (which includes blogging) and game time.

Josh went to work though couldn’t finish as someone had borrowed the large ride-on mower.  Jess babysat in the evening.  The rest of us watched Bolt – well, Pete and the kids did – I fell asleep!


Sunday – after our traditional Sunday morning breakfast which is always comes with a balance of lively chatter and serious conversation we headed off to church.  Josh ended up helping out with the sound desk as there were indicators that there was going to be difficulties (and there was!), Jess didn’t end up singing but we were on the welcoming table so Jess helped out there.

Daniel had two friends come over after church – they played together well, and ended their time together with a little bit of wii-time.  The rest of the family just pottered – a bit of this and a bit of that.

Sunday night we watched our “Thinking Movie” – continuing with History of Christianity and Western Civilization – we watched the segment on Pompeii.  Our discussion centered around God and calamities and the architecture of our home – does it reflect the goals and purposes of our family.  We think it does though we would probably design it differently today (but we are more than content with our home as it is!).


Bits of our Week

Monday: Today we were intent on getting back into routine – things have been pretty lax around here for the last two weeks or so.  Today’s quick overview:  Family Devotions, Piano Lessons, kids work on independent work, I spend time with Daniel choosing new unit, start new unit: Neil Armstrong/Moon.  Daniel started a notebook page on Neil Armstrong – he’ll add information as we read through our book.

Jessica worked on Facets for most of the day.  We had a meeting together to pull the final bits and pieces together.

Nomi and I head into town – I usually meet up with my prayer partner but today I just visited with a friend and did a few running around town chores.  Nomi went to the library for more books on Vikings and used her time reading until I came back for her.

While we were in town I left Daniel at home with a list of things he needed to do (others were home with him).  He did his own lunch chores, I also asked him to cover for Joshua’s lunch chores today, he then had ½ hour on wii, ½ hour reading, ¼ hour on his power-wing outside, then he was to work in the shed on wood working project.  Giving him this specific list worked well to keep him focused on productive activity.

This week I have a goal to work for 1 hour Mon, Tues and Wed and then all Fri morning with the girls to spring clean / tidy / declutter this house.  Today we worked in the lounge room – we cleaned the curtains, window sills, put away stuff, cleaned the fans.

After dinner Jess had a Mainly Music meeting – this gives her a great opportunity to be a part of a committee with all the give and take that such a thing requires.



We started well with our study focus in the morning.  The kids did their independent work, then I did Bible with them, then living Math (we looked at 3d shapes), then Nomi went off by herself and I spent time with Daniel looking at language skills and Neil Armstrong.  We didn’t get to adding to our notebooking though.

Jess continued with Facets.

We worked for 1 hour in the house again – the girls did the dining room curtain and other little jobs, Daniel did the lounge room skirting boards and I tidied in the office (a little!).  We then had our 2 hours of work for pay:  Daniel tried to mow the lawn but the lawnmower wasn’t working, he then oiled some back steps.  Nomi ironed.  Jess worked in the office with me.

In Daniel having to oil the back steps he had to mix more oil.  It was a good opportunity to talk to him about ratios as well as how to store chemicals safely.



Our focus today was to get some cooking done – studies would be done in and around when we were needed in the kitchen.  My plan was to always have someone cooking.

Daniel’s studies were interrupted as Pete needed someone to drive the 4-wheeler while he sprayed.  Daniel was pretty happy about that!

I cooked a  Chicken Impossible Pie (for dinner tonight), shortbread, Raspberry Choc Slice (x2); Nomi cooked a double batch lemon slice, and Jess cooked two apple streusel cakes.  Half the girls baking is for Mainly Music tomorrow, the other half will be used on Sunday for morning tea at church.

Nomi had another appointment with the podiatrist.  Later in the afternoon we worked for another hour cleaning house – Jess and I worked in the kitchen and Nomi worked in the Family Room.  Daniel did odd jobs for me.

Daniel set the table beautifully tonight with candles (though that wasn’t unusual) but he dimmed all the lights and played some specially chosen music (Louis Armstrong) all for special affects!  I did notice though that while the music played conversation was loud, silly and with lots of laughter.  It wasn’t till the CD was finished that we had a serious conversation.



Daniel had a great day today – he spent the morning with his dad on the tractor.  He baked a fruit cake with me before heading off to spend the afternoon with his two mates.  They played Lego for most of the afternoon – they made a submarine and then took it into the pool to test it – it fell apart and fell over sideways!  Oh well – the learning both relationally and spacially that mattered!  Daniel observed that a lady at our Bible Study had left her Bible at home – he kindly lent her his, his Bible is very precious to him so that was a very kind thing to do.

Nomi and Jess woke up to finish their Keepers Homework (Digital Scrapbooking) – nothing like leaving it to the last minute!! Though I must admit they had a semi-good reason.  They then had Mainly Music which was a bit lower on numbers this week.  I asked for them to leave a little earlier today – Nomi walked to a dentist appointment and Jess walked onto Coles to start the grocery shopping.

I drove into town, picked up Nomi from the Dentist and then we all helped Jess finish the shopping.  Did a few chores around town before picking up the girls’ friends to take them home for Keepers.  Everyone (yes, including my friends girls) helped put away the groceries and then we talked about design on a scrapbook page for about 1 hour before they went off together.  They played a bit of one-on-one netball with the new hoop Pete put up in the shed.  That has been a success!  And then of all things – they played hide ‘n seek (teenage girls!  I never!! LOL)

We had Bible Study in the evening – continuing with The Truth Project.  It is very good.



Another project day – this time our focus is on getting the house clean and tidy – ready for guests tomorrow.

Daniel had a pretty much unsupervised day – his first task was to remove all his lego (aka movie set) from the guest room, then he worked on his chores and his bedroom,.  The then had free time which he spent working with DAS clay.

Nomi baked two cakes for me, cleaned up the kitchen and other bits and pieces that needed doing – along with her usual Saturday morning chores.

Jessica helped Daniel clean out the guest room – how quickly that room becomes a dumping ground.  She then helped me sort out the DVDs, then clean the guest room.  Pete asked her to do some office work and she then cleaned ½ the veranda.

Joshua had an assignment to hand in today so that was his main focus, then he helped with odd jobs around the place.  Pete took him into town giving him more driving practice.

The kids had youth group tonight – which they enjoyed.  Daniel and I watched a little TV, played Take Two and did the dishes.

And in closing Daniel made me smile today when he excitedly announced:  Your roses are having babies again!  What a beautiful way to see a flower!

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