Date nights at Home – I liked how this post broke down different options for different stages of life.

A blog hop – 10 days of … socialization for moms, classical education, large families, special needs, struggling learners, homescooling girls or homeschooling boys, homeschool enrichment, spiritual legacy, frugal homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, organisation getting started, preschool or Montessori – what a great list of topics to follow.  Choose the ones that interest you and follow along. (Hosted by Heart of the Matter Online)

Thanks to Works for Me Wednesday linkup I read the following:

  • 7 Layer Dip:  My friend used to make a dip like this – I think I’ll add it to our movie night food options list.
  • 10 uses for a Pizza Stone – When we bought our new BBQ I nearly bought a stone or two, sounds like a good idea now!
  • Portable Salad Bar – looks like a good idea for our daily nibbles
  • This lady is amazing!  I spent a good hour looking through her blog and wishing I could be that creative with old clothes in my wardrobe.

Monday is Valentines Day.  We have never been big on celebrating Valentines Day – I think Peter thinks it is a just a commercial prank! – but I have had half hearted attempts to celebrate the idea of godly marriages.  But even this has been a bit half hearted, lacking serious motivation because our wedding anniversary is three weeks down the track and that is where we really celebrate marriage.  So this year I’m thinking of starting a new tradition – to celebrate AGAPE love on Valentines Day.  I’ve talked it over with my kids and we are starting to come up with a few ideas.  I’ll get back to you on that… in the meantime here are a few posts on Valentines day I thought helpful:

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