Bon Vita Rusticanda started a meme. . . and though I wasn’t tagged, I thought it would be fun to join in!

“People who visit us get a taste of who we are, what we’re into, and what we’re like. I notice that my kids tend to show new visitors the same computer things they like, or play music for them that they love that our guests have probably never heard, and offer the same snacks.

Since there are lots of people I know via the internet who may never get the chance to visit us, I thought I’d offer a virtual glimpse of a visit to our house.”

So….If you came to our house:

You would see:
A tropical garden as you walked up to the front door.  Actually the kids would have been out on the veranda as a welcoming party.  You’d meet them and they’d bring you on inside to where Pete and I would be doing the last minute tidying that always happens when you have company arrive.


Once in the door you’d see country decorating – lots of handmade things on the walls and knick-knacks.  You’d see two large book shelves but would soon see that not all our books were contained there!  You’d see the piano and by the thin layer of dust would wonder if anyone played it.  You’d take a closer look and see fingerprints in the dust – yep the piano gets played – its just a dusty house!  (trust me I dust but it just keeps comin’ on in!)


We would probably end up sitting at the dining room table looking out at the garden – while I put the kettle on.  The kids would skeattle and in no time we wouldn’t know what they were doing.  They would be down at the cubby, at the cricket nets, or maybe off in the scrub somewhere looking for straight sticks to make swords from. 


We’d probably feed you:
I’d offer you tea or coffee, or cold water.  I should have cold water but would probably have a tea with you!


If you were brave I’d offer you a slice of raw chocolate pie (and we would giggle over the unsuspected ingredient).  If you weren’t so brave I would have either shortbread or cheese and crackers.


The kids would have a packet of bought biscuits – outside please – no crumbs inside!   I know I should get up and cut up some fruit but a packet or two of biscuits is just so much quicker and you and I can get down and chat!



And offer you this to drink:  
Would you like another tea or coffee?  No doubt we’ll have several throughout your visit!


We’d undoubtedly ask if you’d read:
Talk would soon get to books that we are reading. 


Have you read Francine Rivers (I’ve challenged myself to read at least 6 recreational books a year and she is my top of the list author).


If we were talking homeschooling I would ask if you had read Ruth Beechick.  I am currently reading her “Biblical Education” and I would share what encouragement I had got from my recent dipping.


As we chatted about all sorts I tend to pull books off the shelf that add to our conversation. 


A goal I have this year is to get deeper with my friends – to become more personal and this means sharing the things God has been speaking to me about.  So we may go there too.  “What are you reading in the Bible lately” or “What’s God been saying to you” maybe a bit blunt but my hope is that as we get to know each other we share this part of our lives as well.



We’d want to play this music for you:

We would be too busy talking, talking, talking to listen to any music but in the back ground you would hear either Hillsong worship, or traditional Hymns or instrumental music playing.


If you had kids with you I think we would have to close the door to the family room because at some stage in your visit my kids would be playing “Veggie Tales 70’s Songs” for your kids!


We’d want to tell you the latest about:
Book I read

Thought I had

Recipe I made

Curriculum I saw



We’d probably suggest a game of:
mmmm…. You’d have to be here a pretty long time for us to get up from the table, to stop our talking, and to play a game.  But we could play Take Two (an adaptation of Scrabble) or the kids have been asking for a game of Scatteries so maybe we could do that.


I would personally prefer to send the kids outside to play a game and sit and chat with you!!  So maybe we could play something with the kids after dinner – afterall I just twisted your arm to stay for a potluck meal.



We might show off:
The kids latest creative or written project

My latest scrapbook pages

The latest pile of books that arrived in the mail


We might get on the computer and show you:
Our blogs and website

Or maybe we would show you the latest lot of photos we’ve uploaded but not got into a scrapbook yet.

If you came from across the seas we may jump on Google Earth and try and find your home town



If it was a long enough visit, we might watch:
I know the kids would love to watch either a Veggie Tales video or Shirley Temple but since not many kids like Shirley Temple I would hum and haa.  They would get the hint and ask to share The Beverley Hillbillies (old TV show) of which I would also hum and haa; we would probably end up watching Ratatouille or Stewart Little or Cars unless of course you also like old movies and TV shows.


Now if we were having a girly night and all the kids were tucked up in bed then I’d love to watch either a Jane Austen movie, or maybe My Fair Lady or African Queen with you.



Saying Goodbye (my own little addition to this tag):

If you didn’t stay on to dinner it would take you a good half hour to gather everyone up, to say our goodbyes and to get everyone down the garden path to your car.   We’d all gather there –hugs all round and then someone would say “photo time”.  Someone would run back for the camera, you’d grab yours from your car and we all gather around under the gateway and have a group photo.  Then we’d take your photo and you’d take ours!  Goodbyes seem to drag out at our place.


Now if you did stay for dinner who knows what we would have had to eat but no doubt dessert would have been black forest sauce and icecream as I keep a couple of cans of cherries just for such an occasion or possibly frozen mango/fruit salad (a much healthier dessert).  We would have torn ourselves away from dinner conversation and played Scatteries with the kids and then packed the kids off to the car, saying our goodbyes on the way.  As we wave you off, though you can’t see us in the darkness, we wished we got a family photo!


What would a visit to your house be like? 

Leave me a comment and I’ll visit with  you!



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