Our today Monday 6th


After our very busy weekend we have pulled up a bit disorganized and a bit tired.  In trying to get myself ready for the day I decided that when we have such busy weekends we are going to have to take Monday mornings to catch up.  But for today we struggled on.  (Don’t ask me why I just didn’t change plans on the run – but I didn’t!!)


Lessons for Nomi and Daniel

I finally got myself ready to do language with Daniel while the others started to prepare their first speech for our Speak Up lessons in a fortnights time.  Daniel did his sound/ABC drills, read 30 word cards with about 10 to work on, and then read a simple reader. 


I have decided to try and do living math   with Nomi and Daniel on Mondays.  When it comes to Math, I find it hard to instruct intentionally with life opportunities and reading these books instills the ideas into my head.  We read MEASURING PENNY today so the next week our focus throughout the day will be on measuring – size, weight, volume, money, time.  Already I am thinking of opportunities I know will present themselves.  Today the kids measured Domino (our dog) for size.  They used both inches and centimeters.  During the week I will get them to do some notebooking / mini books on the different aspects of measuring the experience.


FIAR – Another decision I made today (I have done well on making decisions just not so well on up and doing!!), so another decision I made today was that if we are going to give FIAR a fair shot we need to do it four days a week (I’ve never done five as Fridays has always been a fairly irregular non academic day).  We had been doing it 2-3 times a week which meant a book just dragged on too long for anyone’s interest (mine or the kids).


This week we are working on A Pair of Red Clogs.  I didn’t read the story as I felt I would have fallen asleep but the kids remembered it well from the few times we read it last week.  Today they are working on a few notebook pages – geography (we did some map work before they sat down at the table), and a cover page which will include a copy of the storydisk which they have coloured in.  Daniel has jumped on the computer to use Word Art and a Text Box to create his notebook page (along with a map of Japan) so that is excellent work for the day.


Nomi so desperately wants to leave typing lessons behind her so today we did a little test.  She did well, 83% accuracy with 14wpm.  Good enough for her to continue typing her notebook pages, but not good enough to give up typing practice.  I also watched her today, as I do about once a week, and she has picked up some bad habits with finger movements so we will be working on that over the next few months.


Poor Jess

Poor Jess is crook today.  She feels blah.  She has tried to do a bit on her quilt and bit on her blog but she isn’t focusing very well and gets these spells where she feels very sick!  So she has spent most of the day enjoying our family scrapbooks/photo albums and reading a book.  She is reading her first Francine Rivers book – most are too adult for her but I felt she would enjoy “The Priest” and she is. 


7km Hike

Josh has been motivated all day – he got into his studies, he mowed ½ the lawn after lunch and then headed off with the dog on an exploration.  He just headed down some local farm tracks – in a direction we don’t ever go so it was all new country for him.


Movie Night

Should I need an excuse for my decision it would be that Jess was sick…. So we watched a movie while we ate dinner.  Reality is … I wanted to watch it.  It was the 2nd in the Love Comes Softly Series (the girls and I have now seen 1,2 and 3) and enjoyed them all.


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