A Summary of my last week
October – week 41

In our homeschool efforts this means we want to train our children in the areas of Intrapersonal Skills; that is, to be the best self they can be. This is not talking about a selfish attitude, of looking out after number 1 – far from it! It is looking at who the child is and making the most of the inner self.  As our days have been very relational with the grandparents visiting we have been able to deal with a lot of these types of issues – some of which I of course didn’t plan for when I set my goals at the beginning of the week – that is what a lifestyle of learning, lifestyle homeschool is all about.


Bible / Devotions
Our morning routine didn’t happen as I would have liked during the last few weeks.  It was a good lesson for me to learn – how our family works when we have visitors.  Our goals need to be realistic especially in the areas we know about during the week.

Must Do
I have managed to get a little office work done.  It is always relative – there always seems to be so much more to go.

I did write a presentation for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser – My Journey with Raw Food.  And though it was a tough audience to speak to I think most people heard something during the night to make them stop and think about how they were looking after their health.

I should have completed week 2 of my Christmas Planning – I only glanced at the things that I was supposed to do!  I did talk to the children and this week they are going to create their Christmas plan as well.


We managed to keep the floor clean and clean clothes to wear! 

Train up
– Initiative and Responsibility certainly picked up this last week with our older children.  Routine certainly helps them keep their focus.  Obedience …. Mmmm…. Still need to work on that one with the younger two.  Obedience isn’t always just doing what you are told – it is doing what you know to be right even when the parents aren’t around to do the telling!  It is a heart thing.  We will have to continue to work on this one. 

Responsibilities – The children persisted with the pruning of the trees – they one a couple of hours to go.  Joshua also helped with spraying and chipping weeds with his dad.  Joshua made the comment that working with someone is so much better than working alone – isn’t that true!

Nomi has started to earn money and we have started, fairly casually, explaining to her the different responsibilities she has with her money.

We have discussed time in terms of how much time do we have till the end of the year.  And though I don’t want to be dictated to by the end of a school year I do want to recognize that we have an opportunity of 4 weeks or so for some concentrated study time.  We have discussed this with the children and set some goals for their studies.

Intrapersonal – We didn’t get Grandad to teach running unfortunately.  I’m not sure if it was we got distracted with other things or if it was the weather turning too hot that we were disinclined to even think about it!

My Dad has done training in Personality Assessments so it was interesting to talk to him about the children’s personalities especially since they have grown up and developed into their own somewhat since we last saw him. 

Joshua has been reading a lot of articles from Time Magazine, which has instigated a lot of discussion.  Reading a portion of an article out aloud and debating an opinion with an adult (different than Peter or myself) has been good for Joshua.

Talents – The girls finished their dolls with Grandma – they did a very good job.  Sewing the doll was tricky cause of the little size of the legs and arms but they preserved and did a good job – learning many tricks of the trade along the way.

We visited the art gallery and it was interesting to see each of the children respond to the different art works differently.  Daniel enjoyed the sculpture more than the other kids though he also had his favourite paintings.  Joshua enjoyed the very realistic paintings, especially if he had been the same location.  Nomi went for colour.  Jess wasn’t so easily defined – she liked what she liked.

Academics –
We did maintain our early morning routine – it just fell to pieces at 8.00am! 
Because of various other responsibilities and family activities table time didn’t happen this week.

Jessica has been twiddling with her homeschoolblogger Blog and has had some great results.  She has worked out how to change her template, upload photos via photobucket, make a slide show, make signs and add them via html to her sidebar, update her avatar which including resizing it in Photoshop.  She is going to teach her big brother to do these things, and make a slide show for her mother!

We did a tour of Sandalwood plantations around the valley – mainly observing two different methods in the planting of the trees and their host trees.

All three children had their noses in books for a couple of hours a day, along with listening to audio tapes, and doing jigsaw puzzles.  We also played a few board/table games over the weekend. 

When you start to look at the family activities you discover lots of learning opportunities are taking place.

Live life with your Kids!

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