Kids sick!  We had things to do in town this morning so we did those, and then I dropped the kids off at the library and I joined a friend for a time of prayer.  This saved her driving out to me this afternoon.  Our afternoon consisted of lots of reading and relaxing and watching a movie.



Up and at’em today!  Or that was the theory!  Josh and Jess have worked on their independent studies well.  Nomi and Daniel have continued with their relaxed, lots of relationship time type of day!  I did have a session on Gratefulness with them – we discussed that Gratefulness affects our attitude (a merry heart doeth good like a medicine) and that our Gratefulness isn’t dependent upon our circumstances (in everything give thanks….)  Nomi worked on a notebook page depicting the children of Israel as “Moanheads” (thanks to Mr Henry!).  Daniel and I read The Cat in the Hat and discussed stranger danger, dialing for help in emergencies.  This was the first time I have ever looked at Dr.Seuss’ books with eyes for anything other than nonsense and rhyme.  I am going to reduce Daniel’s table time (keep expectations to Discipleship studies) and keep his response in general knowledge subjects to oral (rather than on paper).

This afternoon our friend A.BB, dropped in with a big bundle of stuff for the kids (she snuck in the back door so to speak so I didn’t see all this extra stuff coming into my house!!)  The kids loved it – some of it really is just clutter and knickknacks but there is a good bundle of creative projects and materials too.  On her way out to the car we were waylaid by the idea of a game of hopscotch.  She taught the kids the “proper” way to play and they were out there for about ¾ hour.  It was a great physical activity for Daniel – not only in the movement sense but also for his LD areas.

The kids are on the mend.



Today we had some extra chores to do around the house/farm.  Josh had to water some replanted Sandalwood trees which is quite a task as he has to carry the water to the tree.  Jess and Nomi helped with some catch up in the house; laundry, ironing, dusting, decluttering.

The older kids worked on their discipline studies while the younger two flipped between Lego and Hopscotch.  I did get to have some time with Daniel – we sat down to read Fox in Socks by Dr.Seuss.  It is a unique book, bit of a tongue twister, and a lot of nonsense.  Daniel just got overwhelmed and confused so we put it away and read Wacky Wednesday instead.  I like to see Daniel read these types of books where you have to scan for details.  12 months ago the OT said he had no scanning ability and yet today he is working on these types of books with ease; systematically and with concentration.



Thursday is our busy day.  I take Jess into town at 8.15 for her to help with an outreach programme called Mainly Music.    She is waiting to get her official helpers t.shirt!  She loves going in and her confidence in her ability to look after little children has been so strengthened by this opportunity.  From all reports she is a blessing to all, both the team leaders and the mums who come, and gets in and gets the jobs done without being asked.  Our Jess is one amazing girl!

I brought Nomi with me to town today.  At times she just had to sit and read while I completed my chores, at other times we had fun together doing the chores. 

Jess has music lessons back at home and then we went to our Keepers Club later in the afternoon.  Unfortunately we were waiting for some material to continue with our quilt and it hadn’t arrived so the girls all worked on their own various projects – I helped when I was needed but basically had the afternoon off.  The big boys played Risk, and the little boys did some painting.  Daniel loved it – I am going to try and introduce more art activities to his day – watching him working there with the other boys, he wasn’t needing a lot of instruction and he concentrated and followed instructions (once he was clear what the instructions were.)

While the girls and I were in town in the morning, Josh spent time with Daniel.  They went for a walk together with the dog, played a few rounds of UNO, Josh read Daniel a story or two and then they had individual study time where Daniel played with his Lego, then he watched a video.



What an amazing day we have just had.  Our local homeschool co-op has had the opportunity to go out and see the movie set for the movie: Australia.  We were surprised to find that they were still filming so we got to see all the crew at work – though we didn’t mingle we watched from afar.  We got to see a scene being practiced and then shot.  We got to see some special affects – blood and smoke.  We got to see some of the props they make when they can’t use the real stuff – like fake trees and buildings.  We discussed all sorts of things – the guide was so fantastic with the kids.  At the end one of the guides shared how to get into movie making if that is what you are interested in.  It was a fantastic excursion.  Sorry – no photos – due to security we weren’t allowed to take cameras.

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