The Internet offers a lot of treasures! It may not be in the form of actual gold, although I’m sure some could find some on the Internet – probably on ebay! Being a Blogger Friend is all about sharing our treasures. The assignment this week is to share our Internet treasures…


A website you visit everyday  –

Homeschoolblogger   Company Porch is my home page.


First place you look for a book to buy

I check out Amazon because of it’s database and information about a book, then I often use Seekbooks  because it is Australian based. 


If it is a Christian book I go to Koorong


Favourite Homeschool support area

Homeschoolblogger because it is one mum to another mum, and very diverse.


Homeschool site full of information that you use regularly  

Heart of WisdomI   have been particularly blessed with their book Teaching Approach and their free articles.


Cindy Rushton I have learnt so much from Cindy and continue to enjoy her podcasts.


Site that you buy your new curriculum from

Homeschool Favourites – an Australian provider


Site that offers frugal tips to save money

Homeschooling on a Shoestring


A site that provides good wholesome recipes

The Raw Table


An informational site that shows you how to

I Google “how do I….”

I often search on “Lesson plan for ……” and get many free lesson ideas, unit studies or creative ideas.  I like the search engine though I am sure other engines find good lesson plans as well.


A homeschool family website that you purchase from to support them 
Homeschool E-store   I love the ebook format and the wide range of products.

Homeschool Favourites  Mary supplies materials that are in keeping with my philosophy and goals.


A charity website you support

World Vision  It was great to see our kids online prayerfully considering which child to support and make a part of our family.  They have also used the online function of emailing these children.



Site that offers homeschool freebies  

Cindy Rushton’s Mom to Mom Radion Show  I regularly download these free mp3 files for my continual encouragement, growth and edification.



a blog to read that is always full of useful information  –



a blog to visit because it is eye appealing and easy to read  – 



a blog to read because it inspires you to be a better homeschool mom  –



a site you would allow your children to visit  –

Though these websites are frequently visited there are still guidelines – some of the activities or TV shows presented here are not allowed to be watched so they are not allowed to play those games.


list any other sites that you would like to share that have provided you with a wealth of golden information

Heart of Wisdom    Over the years I have learnt much from  H.O.W.   I  especially appreciate the information on Biblical World View  when looking at education.  I have learnt a lot from their book, Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach.

Ruth Beechick – Yahoo Group  I love Ruth Beechicks ideas and philosophy.

Simply Charlotte Mason  There are many Charlotte Mason sites, this is the one I have enjoyed.

Ignite the Fire    When I first discovered this site I drank it in – I printed the whole website and just absorbed it.

Home Hearts This is my favouite link to give to starting out homeschoolers  (along with my own website of course!!! LOL)

Whole Heart    Material written by Clay and Sally Clarkson have been a blessing to me – I enjoy their many blogs as well.



Live life with your Kids!


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Download your worksheet and start working on your family vision statement.

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