Our activity for this morning was postponed till next
Wednesday but we still were able to fill our morning.  The kids went for a bike ride – it is so hot and sticky that any
physical activity has to be done early in the day.  They ended up playing under the sprinklers with the dog. 


Josh worked on his Math and Science.  Jess worked on her Math.


Daniel had his last appointment with this Speech Therapist –
she is leaving town so that is very sad. 
He has come a long way over the last 12 month.  He is correcting himself automatically in a lot of
situations.  That is really good


The afternoon was spent resting and then getting ready for
the evenings dinner party.  I had a group
of mums, who meet monthly for parenting support, come for a dinner party.  Everyone brought a part of the meal so it
wasn’t a lot of cooking for me.  It was
a lovely night with us just relaxing and getting to know each other a bit
better.  It is so good to have a night
where like minded people can chat their lives.



Thursday:  Jessica had an early dentist appointment so we all headed
into town and the others spent the time at the library.  We left Josh at the library, did our
shopping for the day, and headed home to pick up some goodies before heading to
Aunty BeeBee’s.


The girls spent the morning making soap and lip gloss with
Aunty BeeBee.   They had a wonderful
time though it took a lot longer than we had expected.  They learnt all sorts of skills – working as
a team, reading instructions, production line, and then of course the science
of melting and mixing various ingredients. 
Of course, anything ever done with Aunty BeeBee is also creative so they
had a ball finding different ingredients they could put in the soap – ranging
from beads to herbs!  The house now has
a most delicious smell – passionfruit, mixing with cranberry, mixing with the
smell of mango that still fills our house!


At lunch time I raced back into town, picked up Josh, got
back in time to do a quick clean up of the house (things still not put right
from last nights party!) all ready in time for Daniel’s OT appointment.


This was also the last appointment for the year though we
will pick up with the same OT next year. 
She has given me some activities and guidelines in setting up activities
for Daniel with targeting his difficulties.



We went back up to Aunty BeeBee’s to see the girls finished
efforts and to bring them home in time for another friend to visit.


A very busy day!



Friday: Today was the local Homeschool Co-op’s last get together for
the year.  We went to the pool for a day
of having fun!  We didn’t do our regular
Character session nor the Oral presentations from the kids – just playing in
water for today!


It was great to see the older kids give themselves to the
littlies at times throughout the morning. 
This though is nothing other than what we’ve come to expect to see and
we delight in it.  But it is in contrast
to a lot of teenagers that we see around so we still notice it!  


Liesa spent time trying to teach Jess to dive.  I believe Jess made a little progress.  I encourage her (I hope) by telling her that
it took me years of lessons to learn to dive! 
Like mother like daughter!


We were home for a little while before we headed off back
into town.  The kids went to their
friends place for a kids party.  I went
to a friend’s business Christmas party. 
Before dinner the kids built a canopy over the whole lounge room floor –
lots of chairs, sheets and pegs!  This
was to be their cubby for the night. 
After dinner the mother took them for a night-time bushwalk around the
property where they live.  Once they got
home (an approaching storm chased them inside) they settled in under their
“tent” and played “Billionaire”.  It was
at this point I walked in on them having decided to leave my party fairly


My friend (the mother) and I went to sit down for a chat
over a cuppa when we noticed there were no chairs to be found in the house –
they were all holding up the cubby!  So
we adjourned to her bedroom and had our girl-time chat on her bed!  


It was a very late night but both kids and mothers had a
great night!

SaturdayLate to bed last night – late to rise this morning!  I had a workshop happening this morning so
we were rushing around getting the place in order (things quickly deteriorate
when you have three busy days like we have had) when my customers turned up ½
hour early!  Not to worry, they chatted
to the kids, looked through albums and I went and got myself ready.

During the workshop the kids had some extra chores to
complete – freezing bananas, hanging the laundry and giving the family room a
really good clean up. 


After lunch we sat down and caught up with our Bible
Readings from Jessica’s Advent calendar.

So now, at afternoon teatime, the house is tidy, the
laundry is dry and folded and we are getting ready for our evening
activity.   The older two are going into
town to the pool (hopefully another storm will hold off) for the Youth Group
break-up.    We were all going to stay
in but the younger two and myself are just too tired and we won’t get ourselves
going tomorrow if we push it too much tonight. 
So we will leave that to Josh and Jess who are looking forward to the

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