Thursday –

This morning we got lessons done!  Yay!  This hasn’t happened for all four kids all at once for quite a while.   Admittedly it isn’t our full schedule but it was what needed to happen.


Josh – Math, Writing, Latin, and Science

Jess – Math, Piano, Latin, Computer studies

Nomi – Math, Writing, Narnia Chronicles Unit study

Daniel – Speech, Phonics, Math, Read Alouds (B4 FIAR title and library books)


Daniel and Nomi have been creating their own story.  They have used clip art to collate quite a list of ideas and now Nomi is typing as they discuss and “write” their story.


In the afternoon we headed off to the Dentist for a check up.  Xrays, fillings and bits and pieces. 


We then went and visited friends. It is great to see my kids take the lead with other kids to make their playtime productive.




Friday –

This morning we headed down to the Mangoes again – still not ready to pick.  We enjoyed the walk up and down the rows of trees though just talking and laughing together.  I was reminded of the blessing it is to have the time just to dawdle together, to listen to the children talk and joke together, to enjoy laughter together.  It was a nice start to the day.


The afternoon was put aside for Sewing lessons.  Jess had hers first and then our friends joined us and Nomi and Kelly (same age as Nomi) had their sewing lesson.  The younger two will be finished sewing a pair of shorts after they have completed their homework.


My friend and I were discussing the freedom we have to decide what to teach our children.  And as we discussed some of the things we have done this week – namely, cooking and sewing, we reminded ourselves that they are so-called “high school” subjects but our young children are enjoying not only the responsibility, but the pleasure of these activities/skills. 


It has been great to see some of these goals I have had for such a long time – ie, to teach the girls to sew and the kids to cook, slowly coming to fruition.  There have been many years of frustration because I wanted to do this but just hadn’t got there.  I wonder, now, in hindsight, if I didn’t set this goal too young – not that the girls were too young to sew or cook, but my family was too young for me to have this goal.  As I reflected on this it was a good reminder to see things as a season – the seasons of our life change and with those changes come a whole new set of opportunities.  It is a shame to strive for one set of opportunities in the wrong season of life! 

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