This week is going to be a mixedup week – I am sure it is going to present plenty of learning opportunities but I am equally sure it is not going to follow our routine!



Our Monday was influenced by a phone call we received last week – the Education Department Moderator was going to be here!  This is not something that we panic about – it has always been a favourable report and a good time.  More on that in another post!


I started my day – just like any other – and then I spent a little time in the office getting my prep file ready – it had got a bit disorganised over the last little while and even though part of my head told me the Moderator wasn’t going to look at it the other part of my head wanted it to be organised!


After our regular chores the kids started their new Character trait study with watching the video presentation.  While they did this I prepared Lunch/dessert (which I was having with the Moderator).  The kids then did their table activities with Character.


Josh, Jess, Nomi worked on their Math while I did reading lessons with Daniel.  Daniel used a Starfall and it went very well for him.  I am still using Reading Made Easy with him; this online programme just gave him some practice in reading and he was on the computer so he was excited about that!


The Moderator arrived, spent some time meeting the children and then they went to the Family Room to continue with their afternoon routine.  They ended up notebooking while listening to Narnia. 


Jessica spent ½ hour or so with Daniel – I asked her to change her time with Daniel to something either creative or physical (she was doing a devotional with him that involved writing, colouring, focusing etc).  She found a rock sculpture in the form of a volcano, which was just right for Daniel at this point in time. 


We spent our late afternoon – tools down – visiting with A.BeeBee – it was good to do nothing!




This morning we were out of the house at 8.30am heading for the Library.  This week is Book Week and to celebrate the school/community library has invited Richard Tulloch as guest.  Richard Tulloch has written 150 episodes of Bananas in Pyjamas (that is, ½ of all episodes).  He has written many other children’s books too.  He was a fantastic storyteller.  Josh sat in on one of the classes and he said he started off wanting to observe how this man told his stories – what tools he used to be a storyteller.  But before he knew it the story was finished and he realised he had been sucked right into the story and forgot to observe very much at all!  I too was mesmerised by his enthusiasm and energy he put in to telling a simple story.  Nomi missed out on a session as she had a doctor’s appointment but we will take her tomorrow.


Jessica went home with the Conley family to organise a party she is hosting with Liesa.  They organised their guest list and time of the party.  They wrote the invitations, printed them out (they used a template from Microsoft Publisher) and addressed all the envelopes.  There is still a shopping list to compile, shopping to do, cooking etc but they are on their way to organising a fun time for their friends.


The afternoon was spent in free or rather Discretionary Time – they need to make wise, productive use of their time.




Today started very sluggishly – I decided to let everyone just do what had to be done at their own pace.  Plans for today kept changing every ½ hour or so.


Josh and Jess were to work independently on their history notebooking and Math.


Nomi and Daniel went into the Library and sat in on another of Richard Tulloch’s Story times.  He told yet another batch of stories that kept everyone totally absorbed.  Both Nomi and Daniel are eyeing off some of his books to borrow from the library next week.


We then headed to the OT for Daniel’s appointment.  Since it was an assessment appointment Nomi and Daniel played with some manipulative/construction set for quite some time – motivated them a little to pull out a similar set we have in our cupboards.


Once again the afternoon was spent in individual pursuits.  Josh spent most of his free time today writing a story (and practicing his cursive at the same time).  Jess finished the Family’s Homeschool Camp Lapbook.  Nomi and Daniel played swords and outside games for a good part of the afternoon.  I worked on my Scrapbooks.




Today was my blah day for the week!   Once again our day is going to be disturbed by going to town so our routine stuff just never got started!


Josh and Jess began their day by setting up a blog for Josh.  We then edited a written piece Josh wanted to post straight away.  After this was all set up he started writing something that introduces himself.  Jessica wrote a post and updated her blog as well.


Nomi and Daniel played outside for a little while – Nomi created a bird from a boab nut by pushing twigs and leaves etc into the shell.  They then came inside and listened to audio stories – Hairy McClairy – while playing Lego.  This was the activity they came back to throughout the day.


Josh and Jess had the opportunity to sit in on a two-hour writing workshop with Richard Tulloch in at the library.  They both have stories now in the pot that they both plan to bring to a finish.  Josh spent time on this story throughout the day.


One outcome from our time with Richard Tulloch is the children are seeing story opportunities throughout their day, in all sorts of regular day activities.  During chore time they are seeing an everyday situation such as emptying the dishwasher turn into an adventure as their hero disappears into a new world, or some such crazy story lines!  It is great to hear them talking together bouncing ideas and having a good laugh.


They watched a movie together in the afternoon.  This week I have really reduced “Screen” time and have actually introduced that term.  During the week they are to have ½ hour of recreational screen time – this can be TV or Computer though my preference is actually the computer, and I am directing their choices somewhat.  This restriction is really for the benefit of Daniel whose first choice in free time is always computer and video.  I noticed today, after 4 days of introducing and working with this concept, Daniel actually corrected himself and withdrew his request.  Progress!  And then I go and give them a whole video to watch!  It was a bit of a reward and they knew it was outside of regular.


Table time after dinner was spent listening to Narnia and keeping their hands occupied writing and making.

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