Monday –

Joshua             – Math, War Games (handwriting, maths, thinking),

Jessica             – Homeblessings with Mum, time with coin collections

Naomi             – Building from boxes of boxes (junk), tessellations, Rush hour

Daniel             – Tessellations, Rush Hour,

– Working on settling and playing an imagination game.



Tuesday –

Joshua            – I discussed with Josh our direction in terms of a reading programme.  This included a discussion on using the Bookmark / notetaking.  We discussed that he has come to a cross road in his life and he needs to cross over from obedience to responsibility.  This issue is relevant in his school work – obedience is his desire for lessons/structure/being told what to learn.  Responsibility is him starting to glean and use the tools we have been teaching him and to ask himself questions, find answers and therefore be more responsible for his own learning.


Shopping – we took the morning to go and do some shopping.  It was interesting to see the opportunities for life skills to be learnt as well as moral issues coming to the fore.


Joshua practically bought his sneakers by himself.  This involved being able to decide if this particular shoe was comfortable.  Decision-making is a life skill that can be introduced to children too early and they get wise in their own eyes or it is a life skill that can get overlooked in a homeschool family, as opportunities aren’t always obvious.   Josh had to realise that all shoes were not made equal; he learnt the benefit of persevering till a better pair of shoes was found.


Shopping for the whole morning is a big challenge on anyone’s self control.  So today was a good practice session for “Cautiousness” Doing the right thing at the right time – this little slogan was surely tested as kids wanted to fiddle, play games, touch, annoy each other, make silly play, silly noises etc…




Joshua spent time with Daniel making an air/balloon powered racing car.  Daniel started making a robot suit for himself out of boxes today.   Nomi completed two tasks from the “Anti Colouring Book” – she created a flag for a new planet and she completed a picture from a squiggle.  Josh and Jess worked on their Writing Strands.  Jessica had her music lesson.


We spent a lot of time cleaning up the family room again today.  It seems as if it an never-ending job.  The area that the children need to improve on is the “Floor” oddly enough it is a hotspot for little bits of paper, bits of art materials, books, etc… and it often gets overlooked in the cleaning up process.  This will be our target area in checking if a room is “done”.


Jessica got lunch for us.  She is learning to be confident around heat.  She set the table nicely and we all had lunch together.  I read “Princess and the Kiss” which was good timing as recently we talked about saying silly ditties / clapping rhymes that involve talking about kissing etc and that they don’t really fit with our family way of thinking.  This gave them something more to think about.  They were left with the thought “How do they, how are they going to respect love”.


The afternoon was spent with the  The girls did stamping.  They discovered office stickers (plain white, rectangles and circles) and made stickers using the stamps.  Daniel spent time playing with JA (over the last few weeks they have been beside each other but not really playing together).  They played Thunderbirds.  Josh and DA spent some time with computer games until Josh had to mow the lawn.


Jessica helped me set up my workshop – displaying stock etc.



Thursday – Today we did some wrap up activities since we have finished reading the “Pooh Bear” books.  A while back we accidentally came across ABC showing a moving called “A Bear named Winnie” and it is the true Winnie the Pooh story.  The children will complete various notebook pages and narration activities in order to make a Family Pooh Bear Lapbook.  Copies of their individual work will be filed under their “Literature” section.

            They watched the movie

            Brainstormed writing opportunities

            Josh:  Character study for the General in Winnie’s story

            Jess:  Acrostic poem, research on black bears

            Nomi:  A story of her own using Pooh Bear characters

            Daniel:  A drawing and narrated sentenced from Winnie’s story


This afternoon we had some social commitments.  Josh and went to the and Nomi and Daniel came with me to the 


Jessica prepared both lunch and dinner for the family today.  Lunch was Tuna Mornay and the white sauce was a first for her so she observed that part.


Our read aloud segment for today was from “Mathematicians are People Too!”  We read about Hypatia a Greek female mathematician.




The children continued to work on their “Pooh Bear” assignments. 

We cleaned the house

We played with our friends – board games are being pulled out which is great.

Daniel continued to work on his rocket (made from a box)




Daddy came home!!!  He has been away the last 3 weeks on an Export Cattle boat heading for Israel.  Saturday was a quiet and gentle day just being a family hanging together. 


We heard lots of Daddy’s stories, looked at a map of Israel, discussed lots of history and saw the best of his photos.

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