Recently I have had a new understanding of “delight directed studies”.  What does this change in understanding going to look like in our home?



  1. I can feel confident that the course of study that we have laid out for our children, in the pursuit of God, Relationships, Character, Life skills and General knowledge can be right for each of our children. 
  2. The ways that I approach each of my children will be different and my aim is to get them to be keen to learn whatever I am presenting to them as significant for them to learn.  I am not looking for a topic that sparks their keenness to learn, I am looking for a spark that ropes them into the topic being presented.
    1. Joshua likes the statistics, the facts.  Though he enjoys the reading of living books he doesn’t consider this learning, though I know that what he is reading is giving him a good background to the facts he devours.  Joshua makes connections easily, and loves to write to learn.
    2. Jessica likes the people aspect in her studies.  She enjoys the narrative style of information.  Historical novels and biographies combine these two “delights”.  She also likes to write, but is more creative in her presentations.
    3. I am still learning what sparks the flame of interest in Nomi and Daniel.  They are both enjoying the hands on, creative side of activities.  Nomi is artistic.  Daniel is technology minded.  They both are keen on aspects of Science too.
  3. The interest that each child shows may dictate the depth and length of a course of study, but not necessarily avoid the topic altogether.
  4. As our children are exposed to God’s World they will gravitate towards a particular interest.  I need to keep in balance our desired “general knowledge” and our children’s “interest” as I plan our day.  Once there is a passionate interest starting to develop in the child I will be able to transfer many of the disciplines (such as writing) from the general knowledge part of our day to the “interest” part of our day.  This will allow the child to have a decent length of time to work and pursue their interest.
    1. Marilyn Howsall writes of this interest directed learning.  As I understand, her experience from which she writes, starts from the time her children were between 11-13 years of age.
    2. I have seen these interests develop in Josh and Jess at these ages too
    3. Nomi and Daniel at the ages of 8 and 6 (2006) are not yet able to focus on any one subject with any direct purpose for any length of time.  This indicates to me that introducing them to God’s World is a worthwhile pursuit, keeping in mind any interest opportunity that may present itself. 

·  Nomi has shown an interest in animals, broader than dogs

·  Nomi has shown an interest in science experiments and watching what happens when… and asking questions such as “how”

·  Daniel is interested in all things “Space”

·  Daniel wants to build things and understand how thing work.

These interests may / or may not be long term.  I need to give time to explore to see what happens, without short changing them by not exposing them to other things.

  1. As a passion, interest does start to develop in my children, as we get a glimpse of what God has put inside each one we can start to tailor their course of study.  We can also start to transfer some of the discipline studies (the core skills of communication – reading, writing, speaking, and Research) from general knowledge to the chosen field. 


  1. Joshua is a keen writer, loves history and thinks deeply. 

·  He will take a course in writing that will take him to University level in case that is where he needs to go come that time.  The other children may or may not take the same course of writing, depending on their talent and inclinations.

·  Joshua is a keen thinker and is ready for a course on World View to sharpen his thinking skills. 

·  When Joshua studies history we have an expectation that his notebook is predominately written pieces.  This is not a difficulty to him – he delights in both studies; history and writing.

  1. Jessica loves homemaking, she is an avid reader and enjoys subjects such as history, if it is from a people perspective.

·  Jessica will be taking a break from a formal writing course this year.  This will give her time to practice some of the skills she is wanting to become proficient in; namely, music & calligraphy

·  Jessica will begin to build notebooks around her skills in the home.  She has started a cookbook – this covers skills such as design, cooking (math and science), careful observation / copywork, typing.  She created a Lapbook with her studies on colour.  She will be able to refer to this when she sews for herself or sews for decorating purposes, for scrapbooking, beading and many other crafts.  I believe these notebooks will be a great source of reference to her in years to come.  This year we are looking at quilting/sewing, gardening a well as continuing in the cooking department.

·  I would expect Jessica’s notebooks to reflect her – organised, creative, domesticated, people orientated.  This will be regardless of the subject matter presented; history, science, or life skills. 


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