Before I started this blog I used my photos to journal the learning experiences that our family shared.  I have been spending my scrapbooking time in the last week to catch up with 2005 photos.  I am amazed at what we have done…  for the sake of my “records” being in one place I’ll share what I am seeing in our photos.


We’ve had lots of fun in the Wet season with going out to water holes – this gives the kids the opportunity to have a lot of fun but it helps them gain confidence in their own abilities in these situations – water and rock climbing.  It gives them an appreciation of God’s Creation.


Daniel has constructed (with the family’s help) a wood kit castle and then he painted it.


Peter dissected a dead rat with the kids watching.  Josh totally absorbed, Nomi and Jess standing tentatively behind going “YUK” as they see it all before them.  Daniel oscillating between the two positions – this is Interesting, this is Yuk!  This happened just after Nomi had a medical explanation for her health condition so it was a great opportunity to see the insides of a body and then to translate that to what is going on in Nomi’s insides.  They were also able to see the cause of death – which was actually drowning, as the rat’s chest cavity was full of blood.    (I’m with the girls on this one!)


Having the rat there to dissect is purely a lifestyle opportunity.  I think (even though I shudder) that it was a fantastic opportunity and one, which not many primary school kids would experience.  It came about in our family though because Peter is a Vet and has the knowledge and tools to do such an autopsy.


I have a photo (which I love) taken from behind Josh and Daniel as they burn our rubbish.  It captures their private moment.  Joshua was teaching Daniel about fire and the safety aspects.  You can just “see” their relationship and the big brother thing happening.  Joshua has grown a lot in the last 6 months in his leadership skills in the family – he looks out for the emotional well being of people, he helps others to be sensitive to needs, emotional or physical, and he helps train Daniel in his chores.


Jessica has learnt to iron – and to fulfil a childhood dream of hers.  Ever since she was 3 she has wanted to iron.  She is now ironing most of the kids’ clothes for me.


Josh let Daniel help him mow the lawn and gave Daniel $1.00 for his efforts.  Josh declared a workman was worth his pay.  This gave us an opportunity to teach the kids that there are 3 Biblical ways to get money – work, gift, inheritance.


They watched the Disney version of “Three Musketeers” and sword fighting is all the go.  Not only did discussion cover France, their revolution etc in History, but the concepts of teamwork (one for all and all for one!) and because Sword fighting became the play of the week – it was a good time to discuss the boy’s role as protectors (towards the girls).


The children prepared a church service for our family.  Jess lead our singing, Nomi read the scriptures, Daniel did a children’s talk on David and Goliath and Josh brought a short sermon on Faith.  We prayed together as a family in response to God’s word to us.


We spent one morning a week, for a few months, going to the Salvation Army shop.  The kids would help out wherever there was need – sorting clothes, tidying racks, folding piles of stock, making rags, and serving customers.


A trip to the dam gave them the opportunity to see the power of water in connection with hydropower, it was the beginning of their enthusiasm with rock collecting, they visited the old homestead museum and took fantastic photos.


The children have participated in Netball or Cricket teams.  For Naomi it was her first year of Netball so most of her time was spent trying to get her head around the game.  Jess started to really move with the game and be able to pre-empt what was happening.  She enjoyed (and came alive) when playing Centre. 


Daniel played cricket for the first time.  He still has some work to do on his catching skills though he got his eye in with the batting pretty quickly.


Josh had some great opportunities with his cricket, mainly some guys from WACCA and the encouragement and training they gave to Josh – his bowling in particular.  He also joined the local schools in their round-robin cricket competition. 


We’ve had friends stay and they have been fun times.  New friendships have been forged and letter writing has followed.  Each time friends have stayed we have been able to glean from them and their life passions and consequently learn a little ourselves.

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