At Live life with your Kids we talk about parenting being about relationships with our kids, about teaching and training the heart, about using the whole of life to teach character, wisdom and life skills  to our kids.

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Celebrating Easter is all about Jesus

In the next month the Christian church takes time to specifically remember the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The expressions of this celebration (for I do see it as a celebration) has been over-taken by commercialism and the secular world. But it...
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Does Life get in the way of your Homeschool Goals?

When we let our lifestyle create learning opportunities for our family it is easy to become complaisant and take life as it comes, knowing that our children are learning.  And yet, that isn't the fullest picture that I try to paint here on my blog as it doesn't...
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How to Value Academics in your Lifestyle Homeschool

As a heart-focused homeschooler I often find myself saying that relationships come first and that academics come lower down my list of priorities and I believe this whole heartedly.  Without relationships we can’t teach our children anything, without moral development...
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If our Kids are Going to Grow up Change is a Good Thing

People say to me all the time “Oh, your children are growing up so fast”. Generally they are seeing physical changes as the children grow taller and voices deepen etc. Yes, they are growing up but it is more than physical - they are growing up morally, spiritually,...
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How to Get your Child’s Heart Right after Time with Negative Influences

Do you ever find that when your children come home from being somewhere that their heart is not in the same place as when they left? Though this can happen when we go out as a family, I have found this more likely to be when the kids go out by themselves. Unless we...
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Practice these 4 Skills to be a Lifelong Learner

Parents are driven by a fear of their children having gaps in their education.  We don't want our kids to not know what they are supposed to know, to not be up to scratch, or to not be at the same level of their peers.  This way of thinking creates doubt and stress in...
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